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In Healthcare Marketing, the Healthcare White Paper Is Invaluable

June 10th, 2021

Should healthcare white papers be part of your healthcare marketing efforts? If you’re serious about being an industry leader — absolutely.

Healthcare white papers are one of the most important tools for successful business-to-business (b2b) marketing in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. They don’t just advertise your products or services. Healthcare white papers showcase your expertise, and establish your company as the knowledge leader in your industry-highlighting your value, creating trust, and cementing your marketplace authority.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is a marketing communications tool used to educate and inform the reader, rather than just make a sales pitch. They may be used by companies to introduce new products or services, or to offer novel solutions to industry problems.

Use them in healthcare marketing to:

Introduce innovations and products
Expound upon the benefits, features and implications of a product or service
Tell a captivating story and spur the reader to act
Address the needs of your readers-and offer your unique industry solutions
Establish your company as a knowledge leader in your industry
Help key executives make informed decisions about which vendors to work with
Help buyers decide which products and services best meet their needs
Convey meaningful, objective data to educate your audience
Detail specific examples of how your solution is effective
Getting a better return on marketing efforts

Using white papers in b2b marketing can bring a substantial return on investment for companies. These materials make incredibly versatile b2b marketing tools. In addition to showcasing the benefits of your company’s products and services, when done effectively they highlight your industry expertise and make a strong statement that you’re not focused on sales for sales’ sake. Whitepapers establish your company as a knowledge leader in your industry. And they position you on the cutting edge of industry research, clearly showing that you’re confident and generous enough to share your expertise.

In the healthcare, pharma and biotech industries, b2b marketing often requires a soft sell, using a data-driven, results-oriented approach. Whitepapers are perfect for this – whether you’re a healthcare provider, or a company that markets its products and/or services to the healthcare industry. Your readers want to know that you’re not focused on sales for sales’ sake. They want to know you stand behind your products and services for the right reasons: Because you’ve tested them, and they work. Indeed, throughout the healthcare industry, the stakes are extremely high if products or services fail, and expertise and credibility heavily influence buyer decisions.

Therefore, these marketing tools are a great way to establish your credibility among others in the healthcare industry. In this highly-competitive, rapidly evolving field, white papers help position you as a knowledge leader and solidify your place on the cutting edge of industry advancement.

Because these materials must strike the right tone and clearly convey information, healthcare white paper writing experience is a must for the internal staff or outsourcing agency hired to prepare the paper.

Whitepapers can be used in a variety of marketing and sales force materials, published on a company website, distributed at conferences and meetings, or sent to prospects in response to inquiries. Several online sources also publish white papers from pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and others in the healthcare industry.