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Healthcare Franchises: More Than Just Senior Care

January 10th, 2021

With the start of the new decade and the sense that the road to recovery has been found, people are starting to look for new opportunities to advance their career or for a change in their life and occupation. One place many people turn to when they look for a change in their life and occupation is franchising. Buying a franchise offers a sense of empowerment and the potential for a real change in a person’s lifestyle and potentially earnings. Nowadays, when a person looks at a franchise to buy into, he or she has many options from the old fashioned food services to new ideas like green office solutions. However, if there is one industry in the franchise world that has captured everyone’s attention, it’s the Healthcare Franchise industry.

Healthcare Franchises offer potential franchisees the chance to help out people in their community while joining the fastest growing industry in the United States. Most people have the read the writing on the wall by now; people are living longer and requiring more care, our population over 65 is expected to double, and the demand for healthcare only increases with this aging population. The decision to get into the healthcare industry is somewhat easy. Deciding what sector of the healthcare industry you want to take part in is where things become interesting.

Most healthcare franchises people buy into are senior care franchises. A typical senior care franchise business model centers around providing non-medical in home care to senior citizens who need the care and assistance of another person but who’s family typically has time constraints which prevent them from taking care of their elderly family member full time.

Most in home care franchises tend to be non-medical opposed to medical because of the strict requirements and regulations over the medical home health care industry. Home Health business owners need to have years of medical experience and can take years to get licensed while non-medical franchises require no medical experience and are regulated but to a lesser extent.

The non-medical senior care franchise market is flourishing; however it is not the only place to look for a healthcare franchise. A newer entrant to the healthcare franchise industry but with a long history of use in healthcare in general, is healthcare staffing. Healthcare Staffing involves the staffing of Healthcare professionals such as nurses on a temporary at need basis at hospitals or other medical facilities.

Healthcare Staffing franchises offer the same benefits of helping your community and working in the healthcare industry that senior care franchises offer. The difference is in your business model. As a healthcare staffing franchisee, you would market your services to hospitals and other medical facilities who are your clients. This target market is very different than the senior care industry where the target market consists of households and end consumers.

Healthcare Staffing offers an alternative route into the healthcare industry. It is a necessary service that hospitals have been using for decades and will continue to use with the foreseeable nursing shortage. If you are interested in learning more about healthcare staffing or medical staffing franchises as they are also known look them up on franchise portals or go to directly to their websites.